Amaze Clinical Terms and Conditions



Amaze Clinical orders over $250 will receive free shipping. If this amount is not reached, a flat fee of $10 will added for shipping costs. 


Product is Defective or Damaged Returns Policy:

If you receive a product that is damaged or defective upon arrival to you, contact us at or 1-800-528-7539 to request a replacement.


Customer of the Pharmacy Returns Policy:

At Amaze Clinical we strive to create a business relationship that can be easily integrated into your day to day workflow. If your customer would like to return an Amaze Clinical product after purchasing it from your pharmacy:

  1. If your pharmacy does not allow customer refunds, we will support that decision.
  2. If your pharmacy does allow returns, the product must be returned within 10 days of purchasing the Amaze Clinical product with the proof of purchase (receipt). Amaze Clinical does not issue refunds, however, a credit for the amount of the wholesale price you paid for the product will be credited to your next order. 


Pharmacy Returns Policy

At Amaze Clinical we want to not only ensure a positive experience but also work together with you to make sure you have product that is selling.  Amaze Clinical products are able to be returned within 30 days of receiving the product. The Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.


Anti-diversion Policy:

Amaze Clinical products should only be sold to your pharmacy-exclusive customers. Upon receiving and agreeing to sell Amaze Clinical products you are agreeing to sell Amaze Clinical products exclusively to your customers without the intention to sell, divert or redistribute to unauthorized retailers, brokers or distributors including online retail platforms such as eBay, Amazon, overstock, and Jet.