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At Amaze Clinical, we want any online consumer to consult their local independent pharmacist to decide if Amaze CBD is right for them. Our network of caring, independent pharmacies in neighborhoods across the country have access to a wealth of knowledge and support needed to provide the best advice and recommendations.

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Buy online while supporting your local pharmacy

To support the local independent pharmacists, Amaze products can only be bought online with a referral code from your local pharmacy. A portion of every order placed through our website goes back to your dedicated pharmacy and helps them provide income and support for various benefits to the community.

Supporting Small Businesses

We thrive on supporting small business

Amaze Clinical is a privately-owned operation in Cynthiana, KY, a city with a population of 6,500 people and three independent pharmacies that thrives on small business. Most independent pharmacy owners are experiencing the impact created by Big Box Chains, making every day increasingly tough to continue serving the community. We truly believe that independent pharmacies play an essential role in society. For this reason, we created Amaze Clinical, a company exclusive to independent pharmacies.

Nowadays, you can find CBD almost anywhere, but is that necessarily a good thing? We believe that independent pharmacies should be the only businesses selling CBD. Why?

Amaze Clinical goes beyond simply providing a product for you to sell. Our goal is to unite independent pharmacies by creating an experience for our customers and yours.

Coming Soon

Find a pharmacy

Coming soon! Amaze Clinical’s interactive local independent pharmacy locator will soon be unveiled. In the meantime, if you’re looking for an Amaze Clinical pharmacy, contact us!

Don’t have a referral code or local pharmacists?

At Amaze Clinical we want to make sure your favorite Amaze CBD products are easily available to you while continuing to support our independent pharmacies. Contact us at Amaze through phone or email if you do not have a local independent pharmacist or referral code. We are ready to help you find a home for you to interact with an Amaze certified pharmacist that can provide the advice needed. You will also receive a referral code to use so that you can get it shipped directly to your doorstep.

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